Laminating Machinery

Continuously working a dough to gradually decrease its thickness without stressing it is essential for a successful product!

Our Laminating Lines are a product of state-of-the-art technology that allow you to work on products such as Bread, Croissants, Pastries, Savory Cakes, Pizza and more. They are generally complemented by proving chambers and automatic and robotic warehouse, integrating or packaging management systems.


Do you wish to obtain a constant thickness of the dough? You won't be able to do without the seamless rendering between crayons!

We have developed a wide range of CALIBRATORS suitable for a wide variety of applications. 

With this choice you achieve a consistent dough sheet thickness, limit waste to a minimum, and obtain products of uniform weight. You can choose from planes of various lengths to suit your production needs. Our CALIBRATORS are all equipped with analog photocells that control the tension of the dough by adjusting the line speed to the dough conditions.


Have you thought of a time- and energy-efficient solution? Choose one of our sheeters!

We offer bench-top MANUAL SHEETING MACHINES that can be positioned anywhere because of their modest size, but with excellent laminating performance. Convenient operation is provided by dual foot and hand controls.

We also have AUTOMATIC SHEET MACHINES ideal for medium-sized laboratories that want to automate their production. Also equipped with an automatic pulverizer or automatic coiler upon request and with the possibility of including a braying station on the table for various types of products.


Do you have limited space and are looking for a suitable solution to generate a continuous sheet of dough? Get help from our technicians to choose the best solution!

We offer you a wide range of lines suitable for a variety of needs. Each solution we will propose can be customized and readjusted to your needs and will allow you to get the best yield for your product.

A line designed for extremely small spaces.

Suitable for laminating leavened dough, Croissant dough, puff pastry, Danish dough, etc. ECO MULTIROLLER is also distinguished by the special attention paid to product quality; in fact, it allows lamination divided into three sections (multi-roller, cross-roller and calibrator) guaranteeing a soft yield as if made traditionally

Very quality-conscious and extremely compact line.

Una compact line that occupies a space of about 6m. Suitable for generating a continuous sheet of dough and suitable for rolling leavened dough, Croissant dough, Puff pastry, Danish dough, etc. TWIN MULTIROLLER adds an additional processing step by dividing it into four sections and ensuring an even more similar and attentive performance to the parameters of manual doughs.

Do you want to produce perfect crayons automatically?
You are making the right choice!

BLOCK LINE is a complete automatic line for preparing pastels. Ideal for puff pastry and leavened dough productions with hourly outputs from 600 to 2,000 kg/h .

The line's footprint is small and boasts the record for the most compact automatic crayon forming line existing in the food industry market. A touch screen PLC with intuitive interface connected to Tablet or other mobile device will enable you to easily save various production schedules and manage the line remotely as well.


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