Tools for make-up tables



Alba & Teknoservice offers a vast assortment of accessories to complete its work tables, to create a wide variety of products, more or less customized.

 Gauging units to ensure a perfect joining of the billets and a constant thickness of the sheet dough. In-feed belts with varying length and calibrating rollers of different diameters and materials.

 Special stations for lower decoration of the products (such as hald moons).

 Cutting, marking, welding, decoration rollers according to the product to be made, in various types and sizes.

 Upper belt for depositing a second sheet of dough (double-layer products).

 Folding units with ploughs, shoes, air to fold different products.

 Winding rollers and winding systems for snail, minisnail, kranz and much more.

 Electric, pneumatic and special guillotine suitable to cut by blade or by die to perform various sizes and shapes.

 Scraps removing belts to remove automatically the dough in excess and reuse at a later time.

 Manifolds, special blades, brushes, spreaders, humidifiers ... Any type of accessory can serve to your line is made with care by ALBA, even for make-up tables from other vendors already in possession of the customer.

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