Petite line

Automatic pastry line

Petite line


PETITE LINE: highly customizable make-up tables, designed to be easy to use and effective, with high output, rapid format change, a simple sanitization: all essential features in a performing and modern company.



PETITE LINE is very compact and easy to use but at the same time allow you to get industrial productions of various products: half moons, danish, strudel, flutes, ears, vol au vents, and a great range of customizations to make your product.

The quick tool-hooking system, a wide variety of pumps and distributors suitable for every type of filling, the many decorating and forming accessories applicable to any type of line, the automatic panning solutions and automatic proofers/freezers loading systems are all characteristics that have allowed us to get the best from our lines, expanding gradually the production to levels initially unthinkable.

The wide range of accessories makes it possible to create lines suitable to the needs of your laboratory, with the possibility to expand it at any time and vary the production according to your needs: your imagination and our experience will allow you to create new and customized products to promote in a market always in search of novelty.

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