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Gauging units


ALBA & Teknoservice has developed a wide range of gauging units suitable for the most diverse applications.

The aim is to ensure a perfect junction of the billets and a constant thickness of the sheet of dough in order to avoid production waste and obtain products by uniform weight.

The gauging units have in-feed plans of varying length to accommodate just a rolling pin or other accessories such as flour dusters, sugar dusters, distributors of seeds and / or dough extruders.

The laminating rollers are made of different materials and have different diameters depending on the type of dough to be processed: from standard rollers in steel to food plastic ones with large diameter.

The gauging units are equipped with analogical photo-eyes which control the tension of the dough and therefore adjust the line speed to the conditions of the dough rather than vice versa.

ALBA gauging units can be added at any time to your line and of course can be customized for make-up tables, croissants machines or laminating lines already existing.


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