Smile Line

Puff pastry line

Smile Line


We are glad to introduce a new line and a new technology: a really innovative product on the market: SMILE LINE.

The process of this Line is very simple: an operator puts the dough at the in-feed of the gauging unit where the sheet is laminated to final thickness.

A scraps refiner cuts the dough on the sides in order to remove the lateral scraps. Then a special guillotine cuts the products and removes the holes (e.g. the eyes and the mouth of the smiling face) and deposits them onto a cross belt which carries them on the side of the line.

A scraps remover takes away the remaining dough from the products and then they go to a wire meshes conveyor where they are sprayed by an humidifier with rotating disks and sugared by a distributor.

Finally the products are carried to the panning unit, where they are panned automatically onto trays, ready for the oven.



SMILE LINE is a compact system which realizes puff pastry products as smiling faces or other particular shapes (bear, boat, moon, pretzel and more...).

Just by adding a simple tool you can have an extremely innovative Vol au vent Line, suitable for hotel chains and luxury restaurants, always looking for new and elegant products.


Together with your fantasy we can realize and design even much more!

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